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The book below, a combination biography of Viggo Brandt-Erichsen and autobiography of Martha Mott Brandt-Erichsen, is available as a free PDF download (11 MB, 182 pages, 31 illustrations, 7 in color) or may be purchased in hard copy paperback from the Museum Store or online at CreateSpace or Amazon ($7.99 plus shipping, all black-and-white illustrations with color cover shown below).

The Four-Leafed Clover


Viggo Brandt-Erichsen in Jaffrey

Viggo Brandt-Erichsen in Jaffrey
By Margaret C. Bean
Jaffrey Historical Society, 2006
32 pages

Nicely illustrated work describing Viggo’s years before moving to Solvang. Courtesy of Jaffrey Historical Society.


Thor Brandt-Erichsen biography Viggo Thor Brandt-Erichsen, 1939-2008
160 pages, 79 photographs.

Viggo’s son Thor, an artist in his own right, spent most of his adult life in Alaska, where he combined a career in printing with painting and Alaskan adventures. This biography of Thor has been written by his son Scott and is available for purchase or free download in PDF format.


Unconventional Wisdom Unconventional Wisdom — A Memoir
By Jean Nandi (formerly Jean Brandt-Erichsen)
229 pages

This courageous and insightful autobiography by Jean Nandi (musician, zoologist, disability rights activist, and Patt Brandt-Erichsen’s daughter) is available as a free download (also available are three music books by Jean). More information.

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