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March 30 thru May 27, 2007

“The World of Edward Borein,” the spring gallery exhibition, features the art of renowned cowboy artist Edward Borein, the trappings of the vaquero lifestyle, and mementos of the Rancheros Visitadores riding group.

John Edward Borein is among the most famous western artists of the last century and the only one that California can call its own. His fascination for horses, cowboys and anything to do with the west was formed during childhood.

As a young man, with horse and gear, Edward rode into old Mexico on a drawing trip that proved very successful. He later moved to New York City, where he learned and then taught the difficult medium of the etching plate. Here he became great friends with Charles Marion Russell, the most famous Western artist of the day.

After some very successful exhibits of his etchings in famous New York Galleries, Edward moved back home, met and married Lucille and ultimately settled in Santa Barbara where he established his studio in El Paseo. He was responsible for grooming the talents of Luis Ortega, a brilliant rawhide braider, who was later honored by the National Endowment for the Arts. Some fine pieces of Ortega’s work are included in the exhibit.

Edward was a founding member of the famed Rancheros Visitadores—“visiting ranchers”-- riding group. Members gather each May for a week-long horseback ride, journeying across the local countryside, making their lone annual public appearance in Solvang. They ride in to receive a blessing at Mission Santa Ines and on to their camp above Lake Cachuma where they feast by the campfire and sleep under the stars as the cowboys of days gone by. Today, the all-male riding group is the domain of wealthy, powerful, connected men from all walks of life.

Included in the Rancheros’ membership during parts of the 1940s and 50s was Viggo Brandt-Erichsen, the artist whose handcrafted home now houses the Elverhoj Museum. Viggo was one of many young Danes fascinated with the cowboy lifestyle and lured west to Solvang. His Rancheros Visitadores vest and badge will be displayed beside handcrafted and silver adorned bits, bridles, spurs and saddles.


Guest curators Linda and Jim Grimm are noted for their outstanding collection of trappings associated with the vaquero lifestyle. The exhibit is dedicated to the memory of two local cowboys: poet and wrangler Jake Copass and G.B. Barry, long-time Santa Ynez Valley rancher and cattleman.

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