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I CHANGE MY MIND, Robert Burridge Exhibition of Paintings
NOVEMBER 10, 2012, through JANUARY 27, 2013

Debuting November 10 in the Museum Gallery is I Change My Mind, an exhibition of paintings for Robert Burridge. This exhibition is an assorted collection of paintings from his  studio and shown for the first time in the Elverhøj Museum. 

“While painting on one body of work,” Burridge says, “I occasionally discover something that sparks and ignites me to go in another direction — another concept. Those paintings become my inspiration for a whole new direction in my work ... pieces that changed me.” 

Over the span of twenty years of painting in his studio, Burridge found that concepts changed, as did his color palette, and looser styles morphed into new directions. “Each one of these paintings is a picture of a magical moment I experienced while painting them. The original concept started to change and shift towards a totally new idea. Like walking down a long road, then turning left. So I changed my mind, turned left and began a new series. They are my seminal pieces and started many new directions.” 

Burridge is a noted internationally award-winning Industrial Designer who, after 25 years in the corporate design world, focused his new life to painting every day. He is a celebrated, contemporary painter, contributing author to artists’ magazines, and publisher of his own books and instructional DVDs. Burridge attributes his success to his early education from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and his stint as an adjunct professor at Cooper Union School for the Advancement of Science and Art in New York City, teaching typography and film making. 

David Larson, author and director of theater and TV, writes: “Robert was a pioneer industrial designer. The first electronic desktop calculator? Robert invented it. Ever seen the giant wind turbines scattered around California? Robert designed an integral part that facilitated their development. Collaborating with leading surgeons, Robert created instruments used in today’s innovative brain and heart surgical procedures. “Clear!” never echoed through the emergency room until Robert introduced the two-paddle defibrillator. Remember that giant Westinghouse circuit breaker thrown in Jurassic Park? That was yet another Burridge brainstorm.”  

“We nearly had a Father Robert; some of his earlier years were spent in a seminary studying for the priesthood. He also used to run one of the largest advertising agencies in Santa Barbara — talk about slugging it out in the trenches! Conversely, would you believe that Robert was once a circus trapeze artist? A magician? He’s still swings through the air and conjures illusions, only now his medium is paint.” 

Burridge is the Honorary President of the International Society of Acrylic Painters (ISAP) and a Signature Member of both the Philadelphia Water Color Society and the ISAP. His honors include the prestigious Crest Medal for Achievement in the Arts and Franklin Mint awards. His popular works hang in the permanent collections of international embassies, corporate galleries, art colleges as well as television and the entertainment industry, and is featured in galleries in Santa Fe, Austin, Cambria and Key West. Burridge’s studio is located in California’s central coast in Arroyo Grande.

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