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November 6, 2007 thru January 27, 2008

The exhibit showcases the colorful contemporary art quilts of 15 fiber artists from the tri-county area. Some pieces in the exhibit have a strong quilting influence, some are cloth paintings, and others use recycled materials such as batting, dryer sheets and/or baby wipes. Some artists focus on the visual impact while others enjoy the tactile appeal. This is a special opportunity for collectors as many of the art pieces will be available for purchase. In addition, there will be a gift boutique with one-of-a-kind items.

Artists who make innovative quilts today do not always work from a foundation of traditional quilt making techniques or styles. Many different techniques may be used to bring the artist’s vision to life: silk-screening, painting, photography, dyeing, collage, quilting, embroidery, block printing, and burning, to name a few. They do this with a variety of paints, dyes, fibers, hardware, embellishments, wire, ribbon, twigs, and found objects. Their quilts not only express eye-pleasing interactions of color and design, but also include intellectual explorations of design elements, spiritual beliefs, and social or political observations.

Exhibiting artists are: Diana Acevedo, Anne Braddock, Linda Cassirer, Ranell Hansen, Susan Conan Italo, Angela Moll, Lorna Morck, Mary Norton, Kristin Otte, Michelle Peerson, Andi Perejda, Judy Rys, Jeanne Surber, Ruth Walters and Susan West.

All the artists are members of Fibervision, a group formed in 2003 to support, share and promote artists’ creation and exploration in fiber art. As with any art group, there are as many different styles as there are artists. They explore new methods and materials, share their knowledge, and encourage one another’s growth as artists.

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