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April 27-August 4, 2019

The museum celebrates fashion as an art form in a new exhibition, “The Art of Dress.”  Works by twenty artists illustrate the range of interpretations of the seemingly simple word “dress,” from an article of clothing to the act of adorning oneself or decorating a room.

“From classic dress to unwearable garments made of contemporary materials, we invite the public to come experience the connections of shape and volume, color and pattern, design and materials—both traditional and repurposed,” says Executive Director Esther Jacobsen Bates. 

Visitors will find a fascinating range of interpretations presented throughout the installation. Tailored projects incorporate alternate materials. A wedding ensemble, informed by the designer’s heritage, reinterprets the traditional form. Radical design is exemplified in objects created by hand without the use of traditional sewing. One section features small-scale installations and 2-dimensional works that will leave you smiling.

Exhibit organizer and artist Georganne Alex explains, “The works of art, design and fashion on view have been selected to complement one other and encourage visitors to make connections between different approaches, techniques and aesthetics.”

Whether you view the works as an artist, anthropologist, historian, or someone who stands perplexed at the closet wondering what to wear, the exhibit offers a chance to contemplate the things and emotions we use to wrap ourselves.

The exhibit features designs by artists that live and work on the West Coast and in Paris, France: Georganne Alex, Quoï Alexander, Carole Coduti, Jess Conti, Xiuhong Feng, Colleen M. Kelly, Isabella Kelly-Ramirez, Veronica Walmsley Lambert, RT Livingston, Margaret Matson, Virginia McCracken, Syd McCutcheon, Susan Owens, Tara Patrick, Linda Pearl, Keith Puccinelli, Gwen Samuels, Susan Tibbles, Laura Wilkinson, and Sara Woodburn.

Further celebrating the “Art of Dress,” Elverhøj will be hosting workshops in textile printmaking and indigo dye processes. Closing weekend activities include a curator-led gallery walk and talk followed by the Last Call Reception. Follow the Museum at Facebook and Instagram to stay current on these scheduled community events and more.

The Art of Dress
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