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Printmaking from Denmark’s Funen Graphic Workshop

January 27 thru March 25, 2007

On exhibit in the museum gallery is “Immigrants,” an exhibition which features printmaking from artists at Funen Graphic Workshop located on the island of Funen in Denmark.

Encompassing 40 pieces of art by nearly as many artists, the exhibition confronts the viewer with the struggle that constantly goes on within the immigrant: the perpetual tension between preserving one’s heritage and assimilating to a new society, and the many ways of dealing with this tension.

The group of artists consists of people with very different international backgrounds, a factor which functions as a source of inspiration for their art. Their work displays a skillful implementation of three main print techniques — woodcut, a variety of intaglio methods, and lithography.

“Immigrants” has blossomed into a stimulating and diverse exhibition where representative, figurative and abstract styles are represented. Each individual artist conveys his or her interpretation of the complexity of the immigration experience, a current topic that has produced extensive and often heated discussion both nationally and internationally.

Additional pieces of art from the Funen Graphic Workshop “Immigrants” exhibition have traveled to the Nordic Heritage Museum in Seattle, Washington where they are currently on display. Following the Solvang and Seattle shows, the art will travel to a variety of locations in the mid west.

“Immigrants” will remain on display through March 25. Transportation of the exhibit from Denmark and within the United States has been generously provided by Leman USA.

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