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January 31 thru April 11, 2009

Opening January 31 in the Gallery is “All You Need is Love.” Featured will be work by artists Karen Gearhart-Jensen, Rebecca Gomez, Suzan Hamilton-Todd, and Lindy Kern. This exhibit explores diverse aspects of this vast topic. Each of the four artists has created a visual experience honoring the longing, joy, and suffering that is part of inviting love into our lives.
Love and family relationships that transcend time and space limitations are represented in the work of Gearhart-Jensen. She explores connections between parent and child with nature binding those themes together. Printmaking is combined with collage and photography in pieces that engage the viewer with both visual and emotional power.
“Whats Going On,” an ongoing series by Rebecca Gomez, is executed in dry pigment on canvas in one twelve-part work. A related group of images engages nature as a collaborator in multi-media work based on photography. The work represents a kind of looking deep, recognizing an inevitable connectedness in all of creation.
Hamilton-Todd finds solace, inspiration, and an unbroken means of communion with her beloved late husband in her series of multi-media works featuring images of hawks. Over time and across cultures, the hawk is a powerful symbolic force, which is reflected in Hamilton-Todd’s energetic, moving, uplifting works.
Ceramic artist Lindy Kern bears witness to world conditions with a collection of clay figures created to convey a narrative message. The archetypal figures address both personal and collective responses to the present state of the world. The artist also creates vessels that reflect a love of Earth elements and nature’s landscape.

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