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DANISH BY DESIGN: The Art and Inspiration of Rick James Marzullo
JULY 31 - OCTOBER 30, 2011

On display in the Museum Gallery is Danish by Design, The Art and Inspiration of Rick James Marzullo. This Santa Ynez Valley artist is best known for his intricate papercuttings and has works in collections all over the world. His sought-after cuttings are primarily in the Danish Folk traditions.

Yet many don’t know that he also works in a number of other art mediums, and that he has designed for other artisans.

The exhibit includes Rick’s paintings in oil, acrylic and watercolors; papercuttings; ceramics; and design work for projects in stained glass, wrought iron, Danish folk costumes, and traditional Danish handwork and decorative arts.

Spanning the large gallery window is “100 AAR - 100 BLOMSTER” (100 years, 100 flowers), a special papirklip installation honoring the centennial of Solvang.

In Danish the word by means “town.” In a play on translation, “Danish by Design” can also be interpreted as “Danish town design.”

Rick has been fortunate enough to have worked with and along side of many of Solvang’s artisans who have instilled in him a deep respect for Denmark’s traditional folk arts and crafts.  “I am inspired by artisans who have spent their lifetimes keeping folk art alive and finding ways to inform and share the past with the present,” says Rick. “Many dedicated artisans and artists have made Solvang the gem it is today, making the outside reflect the inside enlightenment fostered by its founders and early pioneer families.”

An avid historian, Marzullo has long been fascinated with the history of Denmark and the Danish-American experience. The majority of his work is Danish or Scandinavian in theme. “To be able to be a part of creating a visual record of that history is humbling and rewarding at the same time,” he says. “Inspiration often comes from the historic folk and fine arts of Scandinavia.”

Danish By Design will be on exhibit through October 30. See PDF invitation.

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