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May 12 - August 12, 2018

Cachuma LakeOn display in the Museum Gallery are Nancy Yaki’s gorgeously colorful landscape paintings in The Roadside Series. The display of acrylics on canvas has work varying in scale from five inches to five feet. [Image on right: Lake Cachuma.]

Yaki’s romance with the wild began along the shores of a 57-acre lake in northern Connecticut, where she began her lifelong investigation of the movement of the elemental universe. A craving for inspiration led Yaki to the Pacific Northwest, and she lived on the wild, raw land in Homer Alaska. There, she worked as an artisanal carpenter and commercial fisher-woman, defining the striking, contemporary style that would become her distinctive signature.

After 27 years, Yaki moved to the Central Coast of California and found a gentler environment to interpret. “This series began with small watercolor studies of the landscapes I observed during my daily commute,” said Yaki. “The fog and sunrise of the morning and the elongated, afternoon and evening light and shadow along the 246, 101, and 154 highways were a constant invitation to celebrate the beauty and expansiveness along my route.”

“Now that our society is firmly rooted in the digital age, I worry that the simple act of movement, which was once such a driving force for adventure and discovery in our country, is being reduced to an experience of GPS, satellite radio, and HD entertainment systems. This reduction, as I see it, it is not only dangerous to each other but to the very survival of the immediate beauty around us, as it receives less and less appreciation. With this series, I purposely recognize the gift that our public roads bestow upon us...and the beauty we are given access to.”

Nancy’s works have been published internationally on book covers, calendars, and greeting cards. She has been featured in periodicals such as American Artist and Art in America, and her pieces have also been used in the textbooks Complete Guide to Painting in Acrylics and AcrylicWorks - The Best of Acrylic Painting. She has earned numerous awards and honors in national and international shows.

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