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EXHIBIT: “ORIGINAL/MULTIPLE: Following the Red Thread”
FEBRUARY 4 - APRIL 7, 2012

Debuting February 4 in the Museum Gallery is “Original/Multiple: Following the Red Thread.” This intriguing exhibition expands on a collection of 13 prints by contemporary artists and includes work in a wide variety of art media.
The Opening Reception will be held on Saturday February 4 from 4:00 to 6:00 pm.  Join the celebration and enjoy refreshments and the opportunity to meet the artists.
Each of the 13 exhibiting artists was invited to participate in a collaborative effort dubbed the Limited Edition Project.  Over the course of a year each made limited edition prints (25 identical pieces) in a variety of printmaking media: intaglio, relief, planographic, and digital. “Original/Multiple” includes the entire Limited Edition print portfolio along with supporting pieces from each artist’s studio. Viewers will have the opportunity to explore the creative process and better understand how artists come to their images and the decisions that shape the work. In many cases, these other images are NOT prints, but paintings, sculptures, drawings, watercolors, collages, assemblages, books, mixed-media objects. 
“It is fascinating to find connections and repetitions in a single artist’s work,” says Esther Jacobsen Bates, Executive Director of the Elverhøj Museum of History and Art. “Some elements persist and appear across disparities of time, medium, scale, color, dimension — as if the artist is driven to keep looking for meaning in certain themes, shapes or surfaces, compositions or other visualized ideas.”
Exhibiting artists are Stephanie Dotson, Dane Goodman, Carolyn Hubbs, Michael Jameson, Rafael Perea de la Cabada, Marie Schoeff, Libby Smith, Nicole Strasburg, Dug Uyesaka, Nina de Creeft Ward, Nina Warner, Teresa Zepeda and Pamela Zwehl-Burke.
All of the Limited Edition prints and many of the supplemental works are available for purchase. In addition, smaller works will be available for sale in the Museum Store. 
For more information, phone (805) 686-1211

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