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September 27 thru November 2, 2008

Debuting September 27 in the Museum Gallery is “Real/Abstract,” a new exhibition featuring paintings by Jim Farnum and Francis Scorzelli. A reception for the artists will be held from 4 to 7 p.m. on Saturday September 27. Refreshments will be served, including wines from Carhartt Vineyard and Alma Rosa Winery and Vineyards. There is no charge for admission.

“Real/Abstract” features artists whose paintings envelop the viewer in two distinct styles of painting bound by one constant — the vibrant exploration of color. Scorzelli’s works are purely abstract canvasses while Farnum’s are image-based pastels and oils.

Scorzelli uses thick applications of oils, sand, and other materials, creating paintings that are perfectly balanced layers of explosive color. His paintings range from small square canvasses to huge masterpieces filled with texture and color, blending experience gained in life with the art medium. There is often a tension between colors that give his paintings added dimension. A nationally respected painter, Scorzelli lives and works in his studio loft in downtown Santa Barbara.

Farnum, noted for his landscape paintings, works in his converted barn-studio nestled in the shade of an old oak tree beside his Los Olivos home. “Real/Abstract” displays the evolution of his work from representational landscapes to his newer series of "aerial landscapes." Farnum continues to develop new styles with work that is increasingly abstract and larger in format. Looking at his latest work is akin to drifting slowly over a varied landscape of riverways, mountain tops and farm land, knowing there is familiarity in the scene and mystery in the application.

On Sunday October 19 Farnum and Scorzelli will present an informal gallery talk at 2 p.m. They will discuss style, technique and medium and open and answer questions from the audience. Admission is free.

This exhibition is a special opportunity for collectors as many of the paintings on display will be available for purchase. “Real/Abstract” remains on display through November 2.

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