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February 18 - May 21, 2017
featuring artists Rosalie Lopez and Luis Ramirez

OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday February 18, 4:30 to 6 pm

“Recuérdame/Remember Me,” a new art exhibition featuring artists Luis Ramirez and Rosalie Lopez, debuts February 18 in the Museum Gallery. The work on display is the union of two different Latino experiences focusing on the remembrance and veneration of people and places from the artists’ past and present. 

Both artists are Mexican American; Luis represents a first generation rural immigrant perspective and Rosalie represents a second-generation Chicana urban perspective. They use paintings, prints, and installations to create experiences that encourage interaction and connection with the viewer.

Remember Me

Luis Ramirez’s paintings and installation art analyze the intimate experience of family within the culture of California’s agricultural community. Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, Luis grew up in rural Santa Ynez. He studied at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in China and CSU Long Beach where he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting. Says Ramirez of his paintings for this exhibit: “These are individuals and spaces I have interacted with in my immigrant experience and in my agriculture career. The artworks serve as icons to personify, venerate, and remember.”

Rosalie Lopez is a conceptual artist who primarily uses printmaking, papel picado (paper cutting), and installation artworks in the form of contemporary nicho/retablo style to relay experiences of survival, loss, and hope. Born and raised in Gardena, CA, her upbringing and the realities of loss and violence influenced her values on culture and community. She earned dual BFA degrees in graphic design and printmaking and a MFA in printmaking and has exhibited at the Mexican Cultural Institute of Los Angeles, the Indianapolis Art Center in Indiana, and the National Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque, NM.

Exhibit programming includes a Painting Demonstration with Luis Ramirez on Saturday, March 18, 2 to 4 pm. At 4 pm there will be Conversation with the Artist followed by a social hour. On Saturday, May 6 Elverhøj will host “Club de Cultura” from 5 to 7 pm. It will be a cultural cocktail of art, food, music, specialty drinks and fun one-night interactive happenings.

All events are offered with free admission.

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