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April 23 - August 14, 2016
Culture and the Human Landscape of the Central Coast

This ground-breaking and extraordinary exhibit, debuting April 23, is an invitation to experience a broadly expanded way of perceiving art. The easily accessed and admirably executed work is a series of engaging portraits of local individuals, each of whom represents a part of a diverse local population. The Portraits of the Central Coast Project provides a multifaceted approach to the vision presented. Artist Holli Harmon and her inspiring team of support artists’ work illuminates the cultures that give our California region color, purpose, and meaning.


Each of these cultural portraits is an opening to how the individual person carries their culture forward and connects to the area’s community, as well as to the past and to the future. Through companion videos, each portrait subject shares their personal story and introduces the culture they represent.

In addition to the portraits, a series of monoprints explore how these cultures, landscapes, and individuals developed over time. Harmon uses layers of imagery like an archeological dig, employing repeating patterns and iconic symbols, the like Fibonacci sequence, which has inspired artists for hundreds of years. These motifs provide a web of meaning that connects our present-day culture and people to the past and opens a vision for the future.

The exhibition exceeds the usual limits of exploring subject matter, embracing and utilizing artistic approaches that include ancient practices, traditional work, and modern technology. Viewers will leave with an expanded and heightened sense of connection and community understanding.

Explanatory graphic works as well as a podcast guide the viewers through the multi-sensory exhibition. A catalog offers an overall view of how the various approaches and ways of expression are united in this show.

Exhibition programming builds upon the cultures and individuals represented with a series of dialogues with the subjects, interactive experiences, and a workshop.

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