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July 10 - September 5, 2010

Artists Carbine and Sanford make waves at Elverhøj!
Summer arrives at Elverhøj Museum of History and Art on Saturday July 10. Artists Carol Carbine and Blakeney Sanford bring the essence of the beach to the Museum Gallery in a new exhibit, Tidal Transformations.
A large art installation will engulf the 12-foot-tall gallery doors and spill out onto the front lawn in a wave of blue hued squares held up with industrial metal. Inside the gallery, visitors will find works created with oil on canvas, epoxy resin and fiberglass, and grains of sand collected from Central Coast beaches.
Artist Carol Carbine resides in the Santa Ynez Valley and has been working as a professional painter for over 20 years. The exhibit showcases her low tide series of colorful oil/sand paintings on canvas. Carbine's feel for color and texture infuses her paintings with remarkable energy and fresh interpretations of the beauty of our coast. “The patterns of razorback rocks, the low tide water trails of rocks and sand, bubbles, reflections and quiet waves all dictated a new approach to my paintings,” says Carbine.
A native of the Santa Ynez Valley, artist Blakeney Sanford began creating large-scale sculpture and installation art during her college years on the East Coast. Ten years later, she finds herself back in the area creating work that employs industrial metal, fiberglass and epoxy resin tinted in various colors.  Inspired by time spent on the ocean, her latest body of work includes barreling waves and kelp pneumatocysts. A large art installation gives viewers a sense of total immersion within a wave.  Created with complex materials, the artwork displays Sanford's considerable artistic skill as she experiments with shape and structure as well as color and transparency.

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