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The History of Solvang, the Heritage of Denmark  


A unique shopping experience with products reflective of the treasured heritage of Denmark and the vibrant art of the present.

DVD: Solvang, Danish Colony in California:
The fascinating history of a little town that grew into an internationally-known tourist destination. 113 minutes. $15.00. More Information.

To order DVD:
(805) 686-1211 or
email info@elverhoj.org

Elverhøj’s Museum Store has an enticing selection of items for gift giving or as a special treat for you, including exclusives found only at Elverhøj.

Museum store items include a beautifully luxurious selection of silk scarves and ties from Danish artist Katja Bie. Her fashionable textiles incorporate historically accurate depictions of Viking Rune stones and motifs as well as emblems from Danish castles such as monograms of King Frederik II and his son King Christian IV. Elverhøj is the exclusive United States location for Katja’s colorful textiles.
The Ekelund fine Swedish linens are a favorite with local shoppers and visitors alike. The oldest family-owned company in the world, Ekelund produces elegant tabletop linens of all-natural materials in an environmentally-conscious way. Designs are sophisticated and range from classic to contemporary. Our expanded selection includes lovely new patterns on dishtowels, dishcloths and table runners.  Wrap up a bottle of wine in a dishtowel for the perfect hostess gift. 
Browse through a large selection of Solvang Papirklip items created by local artist Rick James Marzullo. Youll find everything from note cards to one-of-a-kind framed papirklip creations. We even have kits for you to try your hand at this amazing craft. Host a family craft party and create your own note cards and decorations. 
Also available is a selection of Scandinavian inspired jewelry. Danish coins are incorporated into one-of-a-kind necklaces and bracelets made by a local artist. Amber, silver and pewter jewelry are both beautiful and affordable.
The book section features Solvang history, Danish culture, a special selection of childrens books, Danish cookbooks, and more.
Danish Christmas items are available year-round: hand-made Danish ornaments, Christmas crafts kits, linens, and nisser will help you celebrate this favorite of Danish holidays.

To reserve your ornament(s), phone the Museum at (805) 686-1211 or email info@elverhoj.org with your request. Quantities are limited. Delivery via U.S. mail is available.

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